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Lucy is a Kizomba & Zouk singer and songwriter, with a great passion for music. She started her journey at the tender age of six, where she played the part of Gretl in the Musical Sound of Music and from that point forward she excelled in her music education, taking classes in piano, the guitar and vocal training. Growing up, she was also an active student of classical ballet.

During her music career she has been active in several musicals, participating in numerous song competitions, concerts, both as a solo artist and with a band. She also started dancing salsa in 2006 and later in 2012 joined the semi-pro salsa group Las Estrellas at Stockholm Salsa Academy. Together the lady styling group performed on several stages nationally as well as internationally in Europe. They also finished forth in the famous Star Gate competition 2014 in Berlin.

In 2012, Lucy stumbled across a new social dance called Kizomba that had just arrived in Stockholm at that time. She immediately fell in love with it and especially the music and thus the seed to create Kizomba music was planted. She continued to travel and dance over Europe, as a participant as well as teacher, Croatia and Romania to name a few. She also started to dance Zouk (a close cousin to Kizomba) and picked up even more influences along the way. In 2017 the first Kizomba/Zouk song was released – ”I Will Follow You”, referencing to the roles of a couple dancing. I.e women being the follower and men the leader.

As of today she is working on new material and performing on various Zouk and Kizomba events around Sweden and Europe. She also recently released the music video for the single ”I Will Follow You”.

– Lucy has a Master of Science in Economics and a Bachelor Degree in Marketing
– She has a ten year career within Business and Finance

Lucy has worked as a model and was a finalist in the national broadcast competition Model Search 97 at Swedish Channel 5
– She is the forth child of five and has relatives in USA
– Her father is of Swedish heritage, her mother Polish