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  • LucyTjejmilen

    Run Forrest, run!

    If you happen to be in Stockholm/Djurgården on September 3rd at, uhm, say around noon, you might see me and 30 000 other girls/women running like crazy. The reason for this insanity is a race called TjejMilen and the route is 10 000 m/10 km/1 mile long. Don’t ask me why I voluntarily would do this to myself, but the plan was that me and my sis would do this together. But due to an injury she decided to wait this […]

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  • Lucy Shopping in Stockholm

    Saturday Shopping in Stockholm C

    Today was a very hot and sunny day here in Stockholm, Sweden, so we decided to go out on the town for some shopping! We took the tube to the center of Stockholm and worked our way down the main shopping road: Drottninggatan. We hit H&M (ofcouurse), Zara and other places, and along the way we saw various street artists performing. I kind of like the music filling the warm air, it’s like it’s summer for real.
    We stopped and listened […]

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  • Dana Cooper in Stockholm

    Dana Cooper in Stockholm

    A couple of weeks a go I went to a fabulous concert in Old Town, Stockholm. The main act of the night was the American singer and songwriter Dana Copper with my Lilith Eve friend Jessica Rydén as the opening act. Dana Cooper started his career at the age of 16 and has thus been performing for more than 30 years. As quoted from his homepage, ”Cooper’s talent has been obvious from the beginning” and he was signed with Elektra […]

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