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  • Lucy goes for a ride…

    Lucy goes for a ride…

    Hey everyone!
    This summer has been one of the best ones ever for me! The weather was great, I got to hang out with friends and family a lot and also got to do lots of fun stuff! I basically spent the whole summer down in the southern parts of Sweden, Skane, and it was really nice to be back in my ”hoods” 😉
    There was also a couple of less fun events during this summer, will blog more about that later.
    But […]

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  • Faults Are Thick Where Love Is Thin

    Faults Are Thick Where Love Is Thin

    They say that love makes you blind, that you don’t see any flaws. When you’re not in love though, the opposite often happens. That’s what this next song is about.
    Enjoy 🙂

    Gotta stop this obsession
    I’m way in over my head
    God knows I’m good at laying
    This self-destruction bed

    I know it ain’t love
    And it never ever will be
    It’s just a game of hide and seek
    And who’s the […]

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