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  • Sound check @ Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm

    Sound check @ Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm

    Before any gig or show you often do a sound check, which basically is what it sounds like: you check the sound. This is what we did before the gig at Dieselverkstaden last tuesday. All the instruments, the microphones and the speakers must have the correct sound level in order for the show to go well. It actually takes much more preparation than you might think and it’s also a good way to get a feel for the stage and where the audience […]

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  • Concert @ Dieselverkstaden June 14th

    Concert @ Dieselverkstaden June 14th

    Last year, on June 14th, I sang at a concert at Dieselverkstaden and it was such a fantastic night! In this clip you’ll see a preview of some highlights of the show with me and my fabulous band, consisting of Kimmy, Patric and Stefan. We had prepared 9 songs of which one was completely new and dedicated  to my mother in the audience. Guess if she was surprised 😉

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  • Lucy backstage at Dieselverkstaden

    Dieselverkstaden – Stage for concert 14th June

    We had such wonderful weather here in Stockholm yesterday so I decided to take a look at the stage where we’re gonna have our concert on the 14th of June – Dieselverkstaden in Stockholm. I’ve only been there once during a salsa band concert, but it’s a really nice place where they have concerts, café, workshops and much more. I even saw that the great band Foo Fighters have been there recently.
    Even though the stage was occupied, we got permission […]

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