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  • Concert @ Dieselverkstaden June 14th

    Concert @ Dieselverkstaden June 14th

    Last year, on June 14th, I sang at a concert at Dieselverkstaden and it was such a fantastic night! In this clip you’ll see a preview of some highlights of the show with me and my fabulous band, consisting of Kimmy, Patric and Stefan. We had prepared 9 songs of which one was completely new and dedicated  to my mother in the audience. Guess if she was surprised 😉

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  • Lucy Shopping in Stockholm

    Saturday Shopping in Stockholm C

    Today was a very hot and sunny day here in Stockholm, Sweden, so we decided to go out on the town for some shopping! We took the tube to the center of Stockholm and worked our way down the main shopping road: Drottninggatan. We hit H&M (ofcouurse), Zara and other places, and along the way we saw various street artists performing. I kind of like the music filling the warm air, it’s like it’s summer for real.
    We stopped and listened […]

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  • Lucy in Model Search 97 Finale

    Lucy TV broadcast Model Search Finale – Part 1

    The finale for Model Search 1997 was broadcast on channel 5 (kanal 5) from Berns Salonger (Berns) in Stockholm. I was number 3 of 20 and in this clip you’ll see the first presentation that was made on the catwalk. In my presentation they basically say that I’ve just turned 15, that I debuted in the musical ”Sound of Music” at the age of 5 and that I love being in front of the camera (I think they called my mom and […]

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  • Lucy sjunger National Sången EM Bowling 1993

    National Day of Sweden

    Yesterday was the National Day of Sweden and it is celebrated the 6th of June every year. The holiday begun in 1916 to honour the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523, as that date was considered the foundation of the Modern Sweden. Today people celebrate by hoisting the Swedish Yellow and Blue flag and gather to party long into the night.
    In 1993 a young girl also took part in the holiday festivities. She was 10 years old and was picked to […]

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  • Lucy backstage at Dieselverkstaden

    Dieselverkstaden – Stage for concert 14th June

    We had such wonderful weather here in Stockholm yesterday so I decided to take a look at the stage where we’re gonna have our concert on the 14th of June – Dieselverkstaden in Stockholm. I’ve only been there once during a salsa band concert, but it’s a really nice place where they have concerts, café, workshops and much more. I even saw that the great band Foo Fighters have been there recently.
    Even though the stage was occupied, we got permission […]

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  • Lucy Model Search 98 Presentation

    Lucy Model Search 98 Presentation

    In this clip you’ll see the presentation that was made for TV (Kanal 5). It was shot in Italy, Montecatini and it was such a fun day, I remember it well! Our group of girls went to Italy with the model and film crew and we had a blast. We travelled to Florence and other places, and it was really beautiful. For this shot we first tried out bathing suits and I got a yellow striped one (from Triumph I […]

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