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  • Flutes and a Hurdy Gurdy

    Flutes and a Hurdy Gurdy

    Today was a wonderfully sunny day in Stockholm and I spent it in a nearby park with my sis Kimmy. There were lot of activities and a cool band, Lir & Lur, was playing music on instruments you rarely see. Hear more about it in the video 😉

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  • Hurt @ Inkonst

    Hurt @ Inkonst

    This next clip is from a concert at Inkonst in Malmoe. The song ”Hurt” is originally sung by Christina Aguilera and I loved it from the first time I heard it.
    Big thanks to Linn Kaunitz for helping me interpret it in the right way!
    Have a great day!

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  • The Last Bounce

    The Last Bounce

    Last year me and my sister went to watch the most famous dance group in Sweden: Bounce. It was their last show and it was truly magical.
    This nex clip is one where the whole audience was taked by storm.
    See for yourselves 😉
    Have a great weekend!!

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  • Lady Macbeth

    Lady Macbeth

    Once upon a time (2002), in a far away land (Lund University), I was a lady of means and the ruler of a great Kingdom.
    I also had ponytails and committed suicide. Nothing I’d recommend today. 😉
    In this clip you’ll see the production of Macbeth in Wermland Society student’s Farce.
    Everything is in Swedish, but basically I’m convincing Macbeth in the first song to kill the king (aka manipulation). In the second song I’m tired of it all and decide to pull a Romeo. (kill myself. with […]

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  • Carola @ Skansen

    Carola @ Skansen

    Last year I had the opportunity to work with one of Swedens greatest stars, Carola. I’ve been a fan since I was little and she won the whole Eurovision Song Contest 1991 with her song ”Fångad av en stormvind” (Captured by a lovestorm). Here I am filming her backstage and the performance of the specially written song for the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her fianceé Daniel. The song is called ”Det är bara vi” (It’s only us).  Enjoy […]

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  • Second Rehearsal – Gig 14th of June

    Second Rehearsal – Gig 14th of June

    The gigs for the summer is closing rapidly and so here is a clip from our rehearsal hall at Rytmus, Stockholm. The song is called ”I’m Here” and I wrote it when my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago. So it’s a pretty emotional song for me…
    The guitarist is again Patric, and behind us are the percussion man Stefan Bergström and my pianist and sister Kimmy, who’s filming. The gig this summer is on 14th of June at […]

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