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  • Lucy backstage at Dieselverkstaden

    Dieselverkstaden – Stage for concert 14th June

    We had such wonderful weather here in Stockholm yesterday so I decided to take a look at the stage where we’re gonna have our concert on the 14th of June – Dieselverkstaden in Stockholm. I’ve only been there once during a salsa band concert, but it’s a really nice place where they have concerts, café, workshops and much more. I even saw that the great band Foo Fighters have been there recently.
    Even though the stage was occupied, we got permission […]

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  • Lucy Model Search 98 Presentation

    Lucy Model Search 98 Presentation

    In this clip you’ll see the presentation that was made for TV (Kanal 5). It was shot in Italy, Montecatini and it was such a fun day, I remember it well! Our group of girls went to Italy with the model and film crew and we had a blast. We travelled to Florence and other places, and it was really beautiful. For this shot we first tried out bathing suits and I got a yellow striped one (from Triumph I […]

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  • Adele in rolling in the deep music video

    Billboard #1 – Adele – Rolling in the Deep

    One new interesting artist that has taken the Billboard #1 spot is Adele and her second album 21. I kind of like her natural style and her powerful and characteristic voice. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is born 5 may 1988 in London and has already won two British Grammys in the categories soul and jazz. The song ”Rolling in the Deep” is considered her breakthrough, and it doesn’t seem like she’ll be going anywhere. In this music video for ”Rolling In the […]

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  • Lucy – Model Search 98 Make-Up Session

    Lucy – Model Search 98 Make-Up Session

    In this next clip you’ll see a Make-Up session that I was in for the TV (Kanal 5) broadcast competition Model Search 98. It was a very hot day in Italy, Montecatini, and we did the session by the pool. The makeup session was also for the beginning of the presentation film I’ll put up later. The Make-Up artist was phenomenal and I learned a lot from her. What she’s saying in the clip is the basics of a really good makeup: […]

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  • Lady Gaga – Judas

    Lady Gaga – Judas

    There are many things you could say about the pop sensation Lady Gaga but never that she is boring and predictable. Her new album ”Born This Way” with songs like Judas, Born This Way and Edge of Glory, are really expressive and eccentric. I kind of like this new song ”Judas” and parts of the video even though I think it’s risky to sing about something so sensitive and personal as religion. I cannot help but think of another artist who […]

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  • Model Search 98

    Model Search 98

    When I was 13 years old I was discovered by a modeling agency here in Stockholm and after that I took part in a modeling competition called ”Model Search” 1998. I was one of the finalists and we all went to Italy and the city of Montecatini to shoot a presentation video and other clips for TV. The whole competition was broadcast on channel 5 (Kanal 5) as well as the finale. In this clip you’ll see the introduction of […]

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