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Gogol Bordello @ Gröna Lund, Stockholm

A couple of days ago my brother convinced me to come watch a band called Gogol Bordello at the amusement park called Gröna Lund at the center of Stockholm. He said he first saw them when they played as a warm up band and they even outshone the original artist. He said they were amazing live and boy, was he right!!! The place was packed and people were jumping and screaming like crazy.

I’ve never heard of the band before, but evidently they come from New York and have been touring around the world for some time now. It’s very much a gypsy-rock band and the leading man is so funny. He’s doing a combination between aerobic exercises and dancing on stage. Funny. I didn’t even notice, but there were a lot of people wearing purple in the audience, and with that last song I understood why 😉

And also, don’t be alarmed if it feels like you’re getting a epileptic attack during one of the songs. It’s just the lightening effects gone bananas.

Hope you are having a great summer! I know I am 😀 Will post some more videos later.

CIMG2435 300x225 Gogol Bordello @ Gröna Lund, Stockholm CIMG2445 300x225 Gogol Bordello @ Gröna Lund, Stockholm

ps. Can you see that humongous basket ball in the background? 😉 ds.



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