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Sound check @ Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm

Before any gig or show you often do a sound check, which basically is what it sounds like: you check the sound. This is what we did before the gig at Dieselverkstaden last tuesday. All the instruments, the microphones and the speakers must have the correct sound level in order for the show to go well. It actually takes much more preparation than you might think and it’s also a good way to get a feel for the stage and where the audience is going to be. When we tried the first song the speaker in front of me, in which I can hear my own singing, was very low so it was hard for me to sing in pitch. In this clip though they raised the volume so I heard myself perfectly. You also see Kimmy, Patric (guitar) and Stefan (drums) trying out their instruments and the sound technicians making sure the levels are correct in the mixer and all the other equipment.

It was such a fantastic night and I’m already looking forward to the next performance on August 29 at the big stage in the center of Stockholm: Kungsträdgården. It’s gonna be a blast!!!

And also, I am heading down to my hometown Malmoe and our cottage in the middle of the forrest, so if I’m not vlogging as much you know why. Will of course put up some clips from our cottage and our celebration of the summer festivities!

Bye for now!




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