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Lucy TV broadcast Model Search Finale – Part 1

The finale for Model Search 1997 was broadcast on channel 5 (kanal 5) from Berns Salonger (Berns) in Stockholm. I was number 3 of 20 and in this clip you’ll see the first presentation that was made on the catwalk. In my presentation they basically say that I’ve just turned 15, that I debuted in the musical ”Sound of Music” at the age of 5 and that I love being in front of the camera (I think they called my mom and asked a few questions about me some time before the show). In the clip you’ll also see the jury with the famous Swedish designer Lars Wallin and other representatives  from the modelling industry. You’ll also see the famous Swedish artist Christer Sandelin (also known from the band Freestyle) performing in the middle of the show.

I remember this night very well, everybody was so excited and there was so many people everywhere. We all got our makeup and hair done downstairs under the stage room, and I remember that the producers talked about what they were going to do about my hair. They decided on the big hairdo and we then went to work. It took us roughly 2,5 hours to get the hair done and I almost missed getting dressed for the entry. Or as you can say in Swedish ”Det var på håret”, (translation: I just made it) 😉

The room was packed and my mom and sister was in the audience as well. My sister wore a fabulous green dress and I could see her from the stage. After the first part was done they choose 12 girls to continue to the next part…

Stay tuned…. 😉



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