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Lilith Eve & Eva Dahlgren

I’ve mentioned Lilith Eve a number of times in this blog and thought I’d  develop the subject further. Lilith Eve is a society for female artists and songwriters and we have around 100-150 members from all parts of Sweden. The name Lilith Eve comes from the story of Adam and Eve. Originally Adam created Lilith (before Eve) to be his wife, but her temper, manners and habit of never doing what she was told made Adam create the second wife Eve.  The sense moral in this story is that probably all women can relate to both the rebellion Lilith and the sweet Eve, and combined with music they symbolise the independent, strong yet soulful and artistic woman of today. (note: Lilith Eve is an unbound organisation religiously and politically).

Lilith Eve does a lot for female Swedish artists and we have several active projects. Examples are Lilith Live, where we create opportunities for artists to perform, Radio Lilith, a radio show focusing on different artists and music, and Lilith Eve in Kungsträdgården, where artists from Lilith Eve perform on the big stage at the center of Stockholm. For me it’s been so much fun and extremely inspiring from the first day I joined the association.

Lilith Eve also recently got it’s first Honorary Member – the wonderful artist Eva Dahlgren. She is one of the strongest female role models today in Sweden and we are honoured to have her as a member. I was there too when she got the diploma, and it was a truly magical night. Will end this post with some pictures of the event and also a video of one of my favourite songs of Eva Dahlgren: ”Vem tänder stjärnorna” (”Who lights the stars”). If you look closely in the video you might recognize a young Stellan Skarsgård 😉


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IMG 4492Kopia3 300x225 Lilith Eve & Eva Dahlgren



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