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Second Rehearsal – Gig 14th of June

The gigs for the summer is closing rapidly and so here is a clip from our rehearsal hall at Rytmus, Stockholm. The song is called ”I’m Here” and I wrote it when my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago. So it’s a pretty emotional song for me…

The guitarist is again Patric, and behind us are the percussion man Stefan Bergström and my pianist and sister Kimmy, who’s filming. The gig this summer is on 14th of June at Dieselverkstaden in Stockholm and I will be the first act out of four. The other artists that night are members of Lilith Eve, a society for female artists and songwriters which I am also active in. They are Kitte Ström, Helena Martinston and Anette Tarstad. It will be a really great show, so do not miss it! 😉





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